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As I have written before, God is everything to me. I have God to thank not just for my life, but everything in it, too. Like an ever-present Father and Mother, I feel God in me and see Him in all Creation. Connecting with God through prayer, meditation and in the humble act of surrender allows me the blessing of being completely myself, as God created me – good, bad, happy, sad, fearful, needy, sufficient in some ways, deficient in others. I can be 100 percent real, and God is there loving me, guiding me in every way. All I need to do is remember God, and recall who I am – a man of God, who only wants to follow His way.

For today’s journal, please write about your relationship with your Creator. Use your best words to describe what God or the Higher Power (or whatever deity or non-deity you follow) means to you. This is your chance to express your appreciation, anger, uncertainty or fear in a constructive and meaningful way. Most importantly, be honest with yourself and your Higher Power.

–Norris Chumley

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