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Fear of rejection also creeps into our professional life. When I set out to write my second book, this time on political leadership, I worked tirelessly, and to this day I can’t think of a project I’ve been more proud of upon completion. Unfortunately, it was rejected–by no less than thirty-six publishers. At the time, I was worried not only about my chosen career, but also about my finances; how was I going to pay my bills if I couldn’t succeed by writing? In the end, my choice to believe in myself paid off: the book was published by Stein & Day in the United States. While it was never a major financial success, it was well received, and it led down the road to my growing interest in politics.

Have your fears about money ever stopped you from pursuing your dreams? How can you be more fearless toward money by investing more in your goals and yourself?

–Arianna Huffington

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