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THE BOOK OF Luke records an occasion when Jesus, James and John “resolutely set out for Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) but were refused passage through a corner of Samaria. Their preferred path was blocked. Their pride was pinched. Ethnic defenses welling up in their hearts, James and John asked Jesus if he wanted them to call down fire from heaven to destroy the offenders. “Let’s show them who really has the power!” they probably threatened. But Jesus simply shook his head, realizing they didn’t fully grasp the heart of the Father–the one who would have placed a higher value on the redemption of the Samaritans than on patching up the wounded pride of a couple of Jews.
Where are you resolutely setting out for today? A string of errands? A block of important meetings? A mad dash to the airport? A road trip with your family? A rare day off?
Put yourself in the position of James and John. How comfortable are you when your plans and your path are diverted? How tolerant are you about taking divinely-suggested detours? What would it look like both to pursue the destinations you have planned for today and provide margin for the Holy Spirit to direct your steps?

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