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Father, I pray for (name one or more) and
others in my circle of family and friends
who are carrying heavy loads…

Your Word says an anxious heart weighs a person down, and
this is how I think they must feel–as if they’re carrying heavy
loads, more than they can bear. When they feel upset and
beside themselves, calm them down and comfort them with
the assurance of Your love. Help them not be overwhelmed
by anxious thoughts. (Proverbs 12:25a; Psalm 94:19)

Our hearts are not supposed to be troubled; but that’s their
struggle–help them trust You and the Lord Jesus, as I know
they must. Help them understand that You are the One who
makes a way when things seem impossible; nothing is too
hard for You! (John 14:27; Isaiah 43:19; Jeremiah 32:17; Luke 1:37)

Help them be faithful to You and to the way You want them
to live, for You guard the lives of those who are faithful;
You protect them and never turn away from them. Help
them know You as their fortress, as the rock in whom they
take refuge, as One who is good, whose love endures forever,
whose faithfulness continues through all generations.
(Psalm 97:10; Proverbs 2:8; Psalm 37:28; 94:22; 100:5)

In Jesus’ name, amen.
source: “Prayers for the Moment: One-Minute Scripture Prayers” Copyright September 2006. Reprinted with permission of B&H Publishing Group

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