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When we forgive we know it can change more than just the relationship. It ripples out into the world. The one who feels unburdened will be perhaps different with his wife, his children, his co-workers.

Working through this journal itself might help make it easier to forgive by reminding us how much of our lives are dependent upon forgiving. We are always interacting with others. People are fragile, and prone to mistakes. So from the supermarket checker who careless spills our food to the friend who offends us with biting remarks, life is filled with the need to forgive. As you reach this point, think about how often you need to forgive, or to ask for forgiveness in the course of a day.

You might consider using your personal Beliefnet journal as a forgiveness journal–not as a constant exercise, but just for a week, to see how often the word “sorry” crops up in an average day.

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