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Welcome to Nancy Guthrie’s guided journal “Hoping for Something Better,” which she based on her book of the same title (Tyndale 2007).
New journal entries will appear in your profile Monday-Saturday for 6 weeks. If you missed any so far, stay subscribed to this feed and you can begin when it starts over. Be sure to start your own journal within your Beliefnet profile or in a notebook to respond to Nancy’s prompts.

Day 7
There is something better than drifting along in a spiritual stream. It is grabbing hold of Jesus and drawing close.
Read Hebrews 2: 1-4.
When we want to pay close attention to something, we clear away distractions; we set aside the time and space so that we can listen. We make plans and provisions to listen. If we want to listen to music, we buy a car with a CD player and we put CDs in the car. If we want to hear from family and friends, we set up Internet access to our homes and set up accounts and get addresses from others so we can read what they want to say to us.
What provisions have you made so that you can pay close attention to what God has said in his written Word and in his living Word—Jesus?
Put into your own words the warning in Hebrews 2:1-4.
How does the culture we live in entice us to drift away from what God has said? What difference does an understanding of who Jesus is make in our tendency to drift?
Do you see yourself as paying careful attention to Jesus or drifting away? What changes can you make in your life to guard against drifting away?
–Nancy Guthrie

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