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How often do married couples forgive, only to discover that the issue of contention arises anew when a different fight takes place? “This is just like the time you insulted my mother!”

“I thought you forgave me for that!”

“I did,” replies the other, but realizes that the resentment was never gone, just simmering, awaiting a new flame.

The lingering anger when another has hurt us lies between people like a quiet mist. Both of them know what they are not saying. Letting go without the residue of anger is the aim. But at strange moments, the resentment can arise anew. How often in your life have you been able to fully and truly forgive? Explore for yourself in your journal why some slights seem to rankle forever, and others can be genuinely gone from the ‘bank account’ of resentment?

–David Wolpe

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