Common Word, Common Lord

In the Name of God: The Eternally and Extremely Loving and Caring 

I have been following American Muslim Hip-Hop group Native Deen for more than two decades now. Their music represents the best of American Muslims: providing entertainment that educates and uplifts. And their latest production, “Nothing Light,” does not disappoint. 

And as Native Deen always does, they combine amazing entertainment with a powerful message:

Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Dont take innocent life, life, life
Born with the spirit, born with the spirit of the Lord.
Kill women and children tell me really what you gonna prove,
Just your a coward and lone wolf
Bringing shame to your own roof
And only pain you be going to.

In groups and religions, there’s always dudes on the fringes
Who make ruthess decisions and justify killing
They work on convincing, individuals they tend to be violent with they tendency, quick to make up enemies
Thinking that only way to solve the crisis
Is to kill and to make their heart cold as ice is

Scripture teaches every life is priceless
And you don’t know if somebody will later be righteous
Misquoting verses just to prove what they need to
Utopia and heaven they will claim they have the keys to

But, Change will never come just by go and killing people
Entrapment is real, only hell this can lead to

One innocent life, we know that it’s like,
Killing all humanity and that ain’t nothing light
Scripture told us, every human soul is,
Precious in the sight of the Lord, you should know that

To the innocent trapped in the aftermath
Of blood and tears, Allah sees it all
To the men who sat in dark rooms,
With the schemes of smoke plumes, Allah sees it all,

To munafiq who only enter masjids to pray on the weakest,
Man you gonna get yours!
To the sponsors of war leaving scores,
Shocked and appalled, man Allah see’s it all

But if you ask me, what do I see,
So many moving with those selfish type of tendencies
Gotta handle the offense that they handed me
You did it for the Lord? Na, that was iblees

Shot up the club, then he gotta it
Bombed the city, now you’re patriotic
Bloody regimes, that are despotic
Meet Allah like that, forget about it!

Don’t take innocent life,
Because it is like,
Killing all humanity
And that ain’t nothing light
All the Prophets told us,
That every single soul is
Born with the spirit of the Lord.

The first casualty of war is the truth
Then the second is the youth
Send off to die when they young
Like right before they can understand what they’ve done

Now why is this done, how does it begin
We let the means justify ends
We hope the ends will wipe away the sins that have been committed
But ya’ll don’t get it, you got me.

How’d we justify Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Mic drop! Bombs falls.
Two whole cities, killed ‘em all
All the men, the women, the children… and the dogs

Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Dont take innocent life, life, life
Born with the spirit, born with the spirit of the Lord.

The video is truly amazing: flawless production and a biting criticism of all who justify violence against any human being. That includes American terrorists like Dylan Roof, or the savages of ISIS, or the Buddhist extremists in Burma (did you know they existed?) who incite violence against the Muslim Rohingya

They are all wrong, and they all must be exposed for the criminals they truly are. Native Deen does it flawlessly…while making you bop your head to an amazing beat. 

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