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In the Name of God: The Eternally and Extremely Loving and Caring

“Why do they hate us?”

This question is perpetually asked by us Westerners regarding the terrorist savages who attack us. Now, the issue of terrorism is much more complicated than simply the terrorists “hate our freedoms.” Nevertheless, when someone decides to mow down innocent people walking on Westminster Bridge, the question is a natural one. 

Yet an equally natural question that can be asked is, “why do the terrorists hate us (the Muslims)?”

Every time a terrorist savage kills innocents in the West, it increases pressure on the overwhelming majority of innocent Muslims living in the West. It causes an inevitable backlash against them, which causes even more hurt and pain beyond the attack. How can this possibly “help the cause of Islam and Muslims,” as they commonly claim they are doing? 

What’s more, this backlash may cause some Muslims – already suffering from alienation – to think that the West is at “war with Islam,” which feeds right into the savages’ false narrative. They use it as a recruiting tool, pointing to the backlash that they created to say, “See, Muslims? The West hates you. You need to join us.”

Beyond this, it is an undeniable fact the vast majority of the victims of “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” as our President is wont to call it, is ordinary Muslims themselves

My heart bleeds for London, and Paris, and Brussels. It’s terrible what the savages of ISIS have done. 

Yet my heart also bleeds for Baghdad, which suffered an attack on March 20. My heart bleeds for Pakistan, which has seen horrific violence committed by ISIS in February. They attack and kill any Muslim who doesn’t agree with their sick and twisted version of our religion, and there is no shortage of misery that these so-called “holy warriors” have caused all over Muslim-majority countries. 

In fact, a good deal of the refugee problem is due to the fact that Muslims would rather die trying to get to Europe than live under ISIS. This is the clearest rejection and condemnation of ISIS by Muslims for which people keep calling. 

So, yes, when ISIS attacks London, it makes sense to ask, “Why do they hate us (the West)?” But it makes equal sense to ask, “Why does ISIS hate us (the Muslims)?” This shows that ISIS and the other terrorist savages are enemies to all of us, and we need to stand together against their evil. 

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