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By the Fatimid calendar, today is Eid al Fitr, 1436!

I’ve explained my position on the calendar vs. moonsighting debate in detail – and this year there is a lot more divergence on the date than usual. Crescentwatch nicely summarizes:

Crescentwatch did not receive any confirmed reports of the new crescent moon (hilal) being sighted anywhere in the world via naked-eye on the evening of Thursday, July 16th. We received numerous negative reports from experienced moon-sighters with clear skies around the world including Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, Colombia, Florida, Texas, and across the U.S. and Canada.

(Note: We are aware of several extraordinary positive reports that emerged late from multiple California locations. We have taken significant time to contact and speak with many of the claimants at length. While we recognize the sincerity of many of the claims, the actual descriptions and details of the reports do not provide the requisite certainty we require at this time to declare the momentous occasion of Eid.)

Ahh, California! 🙂 That’s the price we as an Ummah pay for the Gates of Ijtihad being open, I guess. Whether you are celebrating Eid al Fitr today or tomorrow, the sentiment is universal. So – whether its on time, in advance, or belated – Eid Mubarak!

UPDATE: the California moonsighting confusion explained:

My favorite Eid quote is by Nelson Mandela – and had actually nothing to do with Eid, but I find it resonant regardless:

“There is nothing like returning to a place unchanged to find the ways you yourself have changed.”

Off to masjid for Fajr. And then, LUNCH.

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