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Short answer: probably not.

Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted carrying a copy of the Qur’an as she left a children’s daycare where she’s serving her court-ordered sentence of community service. As the article at The Daily Mall helpfully points out, Lohan also had posted a picture of a verse from the Qur’an to her Instagram account (specifically, 20:114 – “Oh Allah! increase me in my knowledge!”) and then deleted it. Naturally, and predictably – even by Lohan herself – this is causing a round of “has Lindsay converted to Islam” rumors, which serves the purpose of adding some intrigue to the otherwise unremarkable fact of Lohan’s court-ordered community service, and perhaps a dash of mystique?

Carrying a copy of the Qur’an does not make you muslim, of course. To be a muslim, you have to recite the Shahada with sincerity, and then make some attempt to live your life according to Islamic principles (however you interpret them). It is certainly possible that Lohan has embraced Islam and is following its precepts to the best of her ability and inclination.

It’s more likely however that the Qur’an is increasingly seen as an “exotic” text, supplanting Scientology and Kabbalah as the trendy-but-edgy source of spiritualism among ultraclass elite celebrities.The angle by which Lohan carried the Qur’an – ensuring that it was clearly visible – may (or may not) imply she was hoping it would be noticed.

I hope that she does read the Qur’an, and draws inspiration from it in some way. If that leads to a conversion, then thats great, if thats the right thing for her. But there’s nothing more to this than simply, “Lindsay Lohan wants to read the Qur’an” – and that’s something anyone can do, and may gain benefit from, as long as they approach it with an open mind of discovery and inquiry rather than any preconceived agendas.

(Related – which other celebrities have or haven’t converted to Islam? and, of course, Jack Sparrow was a muslim.. as is Santa Claus.)

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