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This year sees a happy convergence – it is Valentine’s Day and also the birthday of the Prophet SAW*.

Sadly, both occasions are burdened by controversy in the muslim world. Valentine’s Day is seen by some as a Western plot to foment moral decay – for example in Malaysia various scholars are calling VDay “a moral trap” and warning muslims to – ahem – abstain from observing it. Christians in Malaysia object to VDay being characterized as a “Christian observance” so looks like no one wants Cupid around.

And as for Milad, what better opportunity to express love of our Prophet SAW than on a day dedicated to love? Sadly, many muslims disagree and label the concept of Milad an innovation that should be shunned. I wrote about the Milad controversy in detail last year and I count myself firmly among those who celebrate Milad – and my tawhid is just fine, thank you very much.

Purple RibbonIt’s also worth remembering that we are approaching the two-year anniversary of the horrific murder of Aasiya Zubair. As we did last year, let’s pause in remembering Aasiya and other victims of domestic violence for whom Valentine’s Day is ironic in the extreme.

*Technically, it will be Milad after sunset today, according to the Fatimid calendar, though some muslims observed Milad today.

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