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Barack Obama is a US citizen

I’ve previously addressed the “non-citizen smear”, but as a public service here is a summary for the benefit of anyone who may still doubt the
eligibility of Barack Obama for President according to the Constitution:

Do share this post with anyone who is irrational enough to believe the non-citizen smear, but rational enough to be convinced otherwise by solid evidence. Don’t bother sending the link to people who fail the second criteria, you’ll be wasting Internet.

  • J.B.G.

    Being a citizen was never in question, it was being born in a United States of America colony that was in question. It the same thing that had Arnold Swartzneger blowing a head gasket and hating America to the point of also robbing America of funds like Obama has done. Being a legal American citizen allows the citizen to participate in any and many political roles and positions but in order to be a president of America you have to be a born American which Obama and Arnold are not…
    It’s not brain science or rocket surgery, nor is it being prejudice, it’s being open and honest and being a born American, and that’s all.

  • Aziz Poonawalla

    The authentic birth certificate for Barack Obama was issued in Hawai’i, the 50th state of the United States of America. What part of this is difficult to understand?

  • Veronika

    Since McCain was born in Panama, WTF? This campaign has been about creating doubt to those who are already paranoid (conspiracy theories abound), encouraging those “not of sound mind” to do the most absurd things. Ms Ashley Todd is a prime example. As an Independent voter, I keep grasping for McCain’s platform but can find none. His focus is on Obama entirely, telling me nothing of what he stands for. Obama on the other hand has kept the issues front and center. Is it any wonder that undecided voters go for Obama? Is it any wonder that Republicans abandon McCains ship of fools? Even when it is proven that the negative campaigning is having a reverse result, driving massive donations towards Democratic candidates that are more moderate? Moderate Republicans abandoning the party and endorsing Obama? McCain is oblivious to all of this, which only confirms his “erratic” behavior claimed by the Democrats. The Republican party has claimed zero credibility in my book. This Independent votes Obama. McCain’s actions sealed the deal.

  • ragnarok_13

    I don’t see the problem. The president must be a natural born citizen of the United States of America, 35 years old and a resident of the US for 14 years. Where in the United States seems to be irrelevant. Schwartzenegger is a naturalized citizen of the US, right? Obama is definately a natural born citizen, so lets move on to something more important.

  • Goodguyex

    No, what was shown by factnet is not an original birth certificate but a later generated note of birth. The case against lawyer Berg was dismissed not on merit but because supposedly he is not the one to bring suit. Obama may have not been issued a birth certificate but if he was born in Hawaii I do not see why he would not have had one. Plus all the mystery about other documents makes me wonder if other documents have the question “Place of Birth” where a much younger Obama answered” Mombasa, Kenya.
    You want to see my original signed, dated and embossed birth certificate stating when, where I was born, no problem.
    This issue is not going away. Berg, a democrat is often into conspiracy theories, but Obama was supposed to show a real original birth certificate and he did not do this. The judge obviously thinks this is too much for him to handle.
    If Obama is elected the case will go on, and if it turns out if Obama is elected president but was not born in the United States, Joe Biden becomes president.

  • Karen Brown

    Goodguy, we have one of three possibilities for this to have merit.
    1. For some reason, a major party candidate of the United States has never had any kind of background check, which would INCLUDE those agencies, themselves, looking into such very basic things as his birth certificate, social security number, etc.
    If they did look into it, either the State of Hawaii had issued a birth certificate for one Barack Obama, or not. If not, well, I would figure we would know that by now. If they did, than one of two other possibilities arise.
    2. The State of Hawaii is complicit with Barack Obama in producing a fraudulent birth certificate. Why? Well, guess you’ll have to check with ‘Conspiracies R’ Us’ for what’s the latest theory on that one.
    3. There is ANOTHER Barack Obama who has parents with the same names as this one, and is the same approximate age and such, and this imposter is using his birth certificate. already debunked this thoroughly. They have seen, touched, and thoroughly photographed for your approval Obama’s actual, plain old birth certificate for your perusal, embossed seal and all.
    BTW, just because his doesn’t look like yours doesn’t mean that it isn’t what state Birth Certificates look like. Every state is different. Some (including mine, Florida) offer two separate versions of the Birth certificate, that differ in price.
    So, which of those three are you going to claim happened? A major party candidate, who went OVERSEAS (which means he has a passport, which requires, guess what, SHOWING A BIRTH CERTIFICATE), who has a clearance, which also requires the same thing, because he’s on such committees as Foreign Relations and Homeland Security.
    Somehow, Obama managed to get passports, clearance, travel overseas, get a Social Security number, and has never shown his birth certificate to any government agency. And managed to pass a false document (which is, after all, the charge. This isn’t about hiding a document. If you are doubting what he showed, you’re claiming he’s passing off a FALSE birth certificate) through the highest levels of government.
    And people claim the man has no experience or skill…

  • Karen Brown

    Oh, and this is a good one. If you check Factcheck’s research, they even got a copy of his newspaper birth announcement.
    WOW, now THAT is a thorough plot. They started planning this back in 1961, and even planted a false birth announcement in the local paper!
    Got to give Obama credit, plotting, scheming and planting false newspaper stories from the day of his birth.
    Well, that or grandparents who might have planted the story, themselves, in case their grandchild may need to have some false evidence of native birth in order to run for president.
    Yes, this is a very nefarious scheme indeed.

  • Jerry


  • Brian

    McCain was born outside of the US. I can run with that. Tit for tat. I doesn’t matter that he’s the son of an admiral, I bet the Navy exiled him there and then gave him a dishonorable discharge, and so McCain is really the non citizen here. The US went and started a coup to acquire Haweii and then annaxed it then made it a state. Play with fire you’re going to get burned. People need to grow up and get out of the gutter,cause when you nominate a person that also has a status debatable,you need to be prepared to receive your own mud delivered back to you.

  • ragnarok_13

    Exactly right, Karen! This is another nonissue, just like the Obama is a muslim meme.

  • Aviva

    Obama is a planted plot by the US Goverment in order to gain support among Europe and the rest of the world for the next war to Iran. Also to make Americans pay for the Iraq war cpost by increasing taxes!
    Otherwise, no goverment in the world would have allowed a man who was born in Kenya to run for president! he is not eligible!
    Obama is a set up president!

  • Karen Brown

    Ok, since it wouldn’t be possible for Obama to make it to this far without the government having checked to see, at bare minimum, if Hawaii had a birth certificate in that name.. so, all that’s left is the above.
    Although Obama is RUNNING on not jumping into wars, including with Iran, the ‘government’ (not sure what that means, some agency beyond elected officials?) plotting to install Obama to do just that, jump into a war with Iran.
    And to (oh my goodness, like anyone said there’s a way out of this) pay for the war we are currently in.
    Are you saying there’s an alternative where we can do something that costs money and NOT pay for it at all?
    And no, he was NOT born in Kenya. If being born in a foreign country is sufficient to be ineligible, how about McCain? There’s no doubt, even involving his birth certificate, that he was born in Panama. (Hint, that’s a foreign country…)
    Though, I have to feel that poster likely falls under the ‘waste of internet’ category.

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