The Church Basement Roadshow
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Tim Murphy at the Religion News Service wrote a piece about the Roadshow stop in Washington D.C. Read it HERE.

It seems that the longer we are on tour the crazier Preacher Withee becomes– louder and more ferverent and full of spit and revival fire. He keeps giving it a whoop, and a push, and all he’s got.

We arrived at Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan yesterday afternoon shortly before the Moslim time of prayer. There is a modest mosque next door to the church that has become an overwhelmingly popular mid-day prayer destination. The mosque was filled […]

When I was 16 years old my family moved from urban Minneapolis to rural Alabama. I went from a large inner city liberal arts magnet school to a rural county high school where I graduated in a class of 41 […]

During our stop in New Orleans Kiwi Dave and I had an opportunity to see the lingering devastation of hurricane Katrina. It was heartwarming to see how the people of New Orleans have rallied together to rebuild their city–with the […]

We’re right in the middle of the show in Manhattan. Doug is delivering his monologue at this moment. We arrived in Secaucus, NJ last night at 3am and parked in a Walmart parking lot. Around 10:30am we got up and […]

As we stepped out of the RV, Mark turned to me and said, “This feels like tobacco territory.” We were in Burlington, North Carolina, in the parking lot of JR Cigars, home to the largest humidor in the world. Walking […]

So, believe it or not, we’d rather not drive our whole 40′ RV with trailer into Manhattan on Friday. We’re looking for somewhere safe to drop the RV and borrow or rent a truck with which we can pull the […]

Last week we had a few days off from the tour and Tony and I went to see Dark Knight, the new Batman franchise film. Indeed this film was more sinister and melancholy than so many super hero movies–and yet […]

We’ve been to a lot of cities so far, and it’s funny how many people in these cities claim that they are: – The buckle of the Bible belt – The least churched city in America – The city with […]