The Church Basement Roadshow

Julie flew in to SFO last night and joined us halfway through the show. We had a great night at the Inn, including a midnight burrito on the streets of the Mission District — it felt very San Francisco!
The two of us got up early this morning and borrowed the Scandrettes’ car. After a beautiful drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, we arrived at a Starbucks in Marin County where Julie had a meeting with Kimberly Danek Pinkson, founder of the EcoMom Alliance, and her colleague, Liz Held.
Julie’s recently become involved with the EcoMoms, and her Minnesota chapter was highlighted this week in the Minneapolis StarTribune. It’s a great group, and they’re right on the cusp of the eco-wave that’s coming.
At this moment, we’re at another Starbucks in Marin meeting with Paige Rodgers, co-owner of Fabkins — they make cloth napkins for kids in an attempt to reduce paper waste in the world. Julie sells sets of Fabkins out of our home. We’ll have lunch over here before we head down to San Jose for tonight’s show. I’m looking forward to seeing how many PC(USA) pastors show up from their nearby General Assembly debacle meeting.

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