Christianity for the Rest of Us

I’m busy working on my next book–it doesn’t yet have a title–on how spirituality and religion are changing in the United States (and mentioning Canada, Aus/NZ, UK as well for comparison).  For instance, did you know that in the last few years nearly every brand-name denomination in North America has experienced numerical decline, including many very conservative churches that some scholars thought resistant to membership erosion?  Were you aware that “none of the above,” atheism, and “spiritual but not religious” are the fastest growing religion identifications?  Or, that fewer Americans believe in Hell than ever before–or that attending a weekly religious service is at an all-time low?

So, I’m asking for your point of view:  What’s new in your neighborhood?  What ideas, patterns, trends, or shifts have you noticed in faith and spirituality in your own life, with your friends, and that of your immediate community?  What’s different about what you believe and how you practice your faith?  What do you think are the most important trends in religion and spirituality?
I thought there’d be no better group of readers to ask than those here at Beliefnet for some thoughtful, serious input.  I’m curious about what you see from your window on the religion world and appreciate your stories, testimonies, and comments. If you feel comfortable, leave your name and a way to contact you and I may follow up with your comments.  
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