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As part of my next book, I’m asking for stories, comments, and insights on why people have left Roman Catholicism or conservative evangelical churches (either independent ones or, most especially, the Southern Baptist Convention).  Are you a former Roman Catholic or former conservative evangelical?  Or are you someone who is thinking of leaving one of these faith communities?  I’m curious:  Why did you leave and where have you landed?  If a survey taker asked you, “What is your religious identification?,” how would you answer? 

For many years, I attended a Bible church in Scottsdale, Arizona.  From there I went on to an evangelical college and seminary.  After a time, however, I had too many life experiences that didn’t fit in the evangelical box–and too many theological questions that those communities couldn’t answer.  I actually wrote an entire book on why I left and became an Episcopalian (called Strength for the Journey: A Pilgrimage of Faith in Community).  You don’t need to write a whole book, but a few sentences would really help my project.
Tell me something of your story–I love to hear from you.  You can also contact me through my website,  
And ex-mainline types, don’t worry.  I’ll be asking you some questions in the near future!
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