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I haven’t abandoned you yet! It’s been a busy few weeks… We are right at the start on my first real directorial debut. I can’t wait to share more with you when I can. Keep checking the site because I’ll feel comfortable after a few interviews are done – yes interviews… documentary.

This post has nothing to do with Christian Culture but this kid is amazing…


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I have recently come upon the organization “Jesus Didn’t Tap” – an MMA clothing company. The mission is to produce MMA style apparel that has positive statements about faith.

It is co-founded by Jason David Frank – if you know that name it is because he was also known as Tommy in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Green/White Ranger in the original series. I’m a huge MMPR fan, so where some may find the Jesus Didn’t Tap brand a little over the top, I actually find it really cool. I’m not a big MMA fan, prefer fake fighting as found in WWE, but this intrigus me. I started to connect this mainly after hearing an interview with Frank.


I’ve attached it – listen below.

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and just for fun – Green With Evil Part 1

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I’m a HUGE Walt Disney fan in general, but specifically the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I spent years in Orlando and I find it very comforting. Just to sum it up, I even got married at WDW.  I am also a huge Star Wars fan… just to sum it up, I entered my wedding to the opening theme. I rejoice every time those two worlds come together.

I am planning a man trip with my buddy Will as we speak to visit during the opening day of the new Star Wars attraction , Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. It’s a revamp of the original Star Tours which put you right in the middle of the epic adventure. I’m pretty excited since right technology has come a long way since the late 80’s. This is huge…

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I’ll be posting news and updates about the ride, but I was surfing through youtube and found a really odd ad for Walt Disney World from 1971. The park opened in 1971, yes this is the 40th anniversary, but I’m not sure if I was a kid and saw this ad I would want to go. Last time I checked Walt Disney World is where dreams come true… not NIGHTMARES!

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