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I want you to know about my family. You may know Jay Sekulow and Jordan Sekulow from TV and Radio… but I mean the real people.  The work we do is always personal. I  want to give you some places to visit where you can find out some cool info on what  Jay Sekulow, Logan Sekulow, Jordan Sekulow, Pam Sekulow, Amanda Sekulow and the rest of the family is all about . If you would take a minute and check out this great q&a with my father, Jay. It is an audio transcript of a podcast from The Daily Caller.


Jay Sekulow says defending religious liberty is ‘personal’

That is just for starters… If you want to be a real Sekulow historian you would want to visit the links that are below.

My Dad – Jay Sekulow

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 (Coming Soon)

My Brother- Jordan Sekulow

YouTube Preview Image  (Live daily radio show) (Washington Post Blog – Religious Right Now)

Amanda Sekulow – My Wife and Mrs. Tennessee United States 2011

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Not enough Amanda? Just wait – in a few months we will reveal a new project that you all will love.

As for me – – A new project I started

And me singing with a Backstreet Boy in 2006!

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It’s been a while – nice to see you again. You may wonder why I have been out of commission – here is why.


I want to share with you the trailer for the new movie by ACLJ Film’s that I Executive Produced….

The movie is called “Jay Sekulow Present’s Forever Changed: 9/11 In Remembrance “.

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To get more information on the project or to get a copy go to




Well I’m back – it’s been a long break! Instead of giving you big updates on our current projects and what’s going on here… I think I’m just going to do what I do best. Provide you with the best nerd news and oddest videos floating around the internet.

Today I enjoyed Churro flavored Yogurt- I just wish it would be as good as Churros… Well for those longing for having a Disney park memories without the expense or lack of flavor – check out the new XBOX 360 Kinect Disneyland Adventure. I know it’ll be 2am and I will have stumbled over to the XBOX as my wife sees me as I continually high five Mickey.

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Old School

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