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This isn’t a funny post, just a thought. Who would you think the best CURRENT band is in Christian music? Leave out Mullins and DCTalk… and I’ll throw in a curveball No members of dcTalk either…

Reason I ask is that in general my musical taste is stuck. I have my few artists that still make great new music for my iPod, but it is mainly filled with my youth. MxPx, Better Than Ezra, Spice Girls, Audio Adrenaline… I need some new tunes.

To start the discussion…

The Best Band in Christian Music is – Sanctus Real

It may be controversial to ever call out a love for a band this deeply, but I really love them. They are great people, and the music they have made has touched so many parts of my life personally and professionally. Lyrically they connect with every bit of my emotion, and when necessary the music rocks so hard that it makes me want to use it as pro-wrestling introduction.

So Sanctus is mine… how about yours?

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