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This blog is what dreams are made of… those really strange dreams where you wake up

frightened, yet can’t remember any details.

I couldn’t think of a better time to start a blog about entertainment. As far as I can tell there is nothing going on in the news (other than John Cena becoming WWE Champion.U CANT SEE ME!)

I know the title Christianese (like Chinese, Japanese etc) may throw some of you off, so let me explain. Christianese is known as the language that Christians speak to each other. It features special coded phrases that the “outsiders” don’t understand and are often mocked.

My version of Christianese is quite the opposite. I don’t think that the definition of an American Christian can be put in a box. We may have created our own pop culture that represents our faith, but the diversity is unmatched. The fans of Bill Gaither at the performing art centers aren’t going down to the local rock club to see a night of Christian hardcore. It is the same Message with a totally different audience.

The posts I make will mainly focus on general pop culture and entertainment . We will explore the way our Christian lives can be effected positively by Christian and mainstream media. Just a fair warning, I may need to give you a guide just to get all the pop culture references.

I happen to think everyone needs to have current updates on the original cast of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and  dcTalk reunion rumors.


UPDATE: I was just told the U.S. Military killed Osama Bin Laden. Maybe we should have waited a week for this thing? This blog may get canned quicker then the Paul Reiser Show.

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