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Shakespeare set “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on the night of the summer solstice since it was believed to be an evening of enchantment when plucked herbs are at peak powers, and when passionate romance easily unfurls. You’ve probably seen the […]

Patricia Leigh Brown delves into the hot topic of meditation training for school-aged kids in this balanced article for the New York Times. The piece is nice because it’s not a gung-ho endorsement. Some children become calmer and more focused […]

Beliefnet has ventured into the realm of narrative videos. This one quickly chronicles the spiritual home makeover of a suburban Jersey mom whose cluttered abode is led out of chaos and into a healing sanctuary. All it takes is candles, […]

The Nautilus Book Awards competition has announced winners for its 7th annual contest (for books published in 2006 and 2005). It awards “distinguished literary contributions to spiritual growth, high-level wellness, responsible leadership, positive social change, and to the world of […]

My kids, now 10 and 13, love to listen to our local top-40 hit radio station. Justin Timberlake, Fergie, and other pop music stars are suddenly characters in our lives, as vivid as any people we know in reality. I’m […]

Here’s the transcript of a sweet conversation from Ken Wilber’s blog on how to bring shamanism into an integral framework. People who study shamanic disciplines–like everyone else excited about a spiritual practice–sometimes think that what they’re learning is “all there […]

Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery, the editors of “Mother Jones” magazine, have put together a dynamite issue on what’s being called the Sixth Great Extinction, the possibility that half of all plants and wildlife could become extinct by the 2100. […]

Don’t repress your healthy anger! But don’t explode either. This study seems to show that fear is harder on your body, than angry feelings. But here’s something else revealed by the same researcher: People who responded angrily after September 11th, […]

It’s a good idea to have your Vitamin D levels checked in your next blood test. Many women are discovering that their levels are seriously low, and vitamin D deficiencies have recently been linked to various kinds of cancers, breast […]

Bravo TV network has hit upon a successful formula that melds “Survival”-style endurance reality with “Idol”-inspired contests. My family adored Bravo’s “Top Design”–a show in which talented interior designers battled against each other every week for the “Top Design” title, […]