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Here are some blogs and websites I like. It’s not a complete list. But it’s a start. The first is called New Moon Journal and it is written by Michele Bailey-Lessirard, a life coach, collage artist, and “shamanic astrologer.” On […]

Do you know about Damanhur? It’s a 1,000-resident intentional community and eco-village in the mountains of Italy that’s currently attracting the interest of American spiritual seekers. In 2004, the United Nations acknowledged Damanhur as a model for sustainable society. Children […]

Dearest readers: After meeting with editors last Friday to talk it through, I’ve decided to stop writing Chattering Mind a week from today. While I’m nervous about this idea of mine and sad about the loss of my ability […]

Inspirational teacher and artist Jan Phillips recently posted this sweet video on It’s all about the spiritual power of art. Watch the whole thing if you’ve been struggling to find time for your creative work. Learn more about Phillips, […]

Okay, I know. On the surface of it, “sacred self-centeredness” sounds insane. I hear the voices saying “What on earth is sacred about being self-centered?” How well we know those voices. But women taxed by career, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, […]

Here’s the interesting (to some, most amusing) website of a man who feels that the founding fathers and other historic figures have been reincarnated into the bodies of today’s public figures. He uses photographs and old paintings to reveal that […]

The hippie 1960’s dream of communal living has been deflated by its own bad press. Its old lefty tires were punctured by reports of power-hungry leadership, sickening free sex, and manipulative, “spiritual” screwed-upness. But communal living, known as “intentional community” […]

World Shoppers Unite! Go to Better World Shopper’s website and look left to find a menu of consumer goods ranked by how kind their production and trade is for the planet. For instance, in the category of shoes, Better World […]

I’m distressed by the news that two NYC police officers were shot Monday morning when they stopped to question the drivers of a stolen SUV. One officer was shot in the face and is fighting for life. His partner was […]

Oh good, David Brooks has been listening to top-40 radio hits with his kids too. He writes today about how perverse some hit songs are now and links Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” to Pink’s “U + Ur Hand,” and […]