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I caught the following conversation between two pretty women in the ladies’ room of a Manhattan restaurant. One of the women was pregnant. And she said, “So my acupuncturist made me take the ring out of my belly button.” “Really?” […]

Good testament to the power of fish oil and omega-3s here. I’ve heard these supplements are especially crucial for kids with special needs.

New York City’s heart stood still yesterday when a 24″-wide, 80-year-old steam pump exploded under the ground near Grand Central Station releasing huge billows of sulfery steam and fountains of rock, mud, and yes, particles of asbestos (insulation that the […]

Dried and in capsules, it might not taste half bad. Here’s an article about how a mother prone to postpartum depression overcame her history by eating bits of her fourth baby’s placenta.

Car manufacturers are in the process of developing less toxic, more environmentally sound car interiors. While we wait, we can study this page developed by green journalist Debra Lynn Dadd, and actually discover which current car interiors are safest for […]

Hey, here’s a great Jezebel blog post with July Redbook cover images of singer Faith Hill before and after Photoshopping! Lordy, lordy, let us not be taken prisoner! Let us not feel we look like squat when we daily face […]

If you or a loved one are on a cholesterol-lowering prescription drug, note that Dr. Andrew Weil recommends Co-enzyme Q10 as a dietary supplement. He discusses this in his newsstand magazine “Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Guide to Lowering Cholesterol” […]

The July-August Utne Reader publishes four articles on soy, attacking the hot subject from different angles. Starhawk, aaugh, I don’t want to shake your faith or heavy soy habits, but, really, take another look. None of these articles make me […]

Yesterday, my childrens’ swimming teacher cancelled a lesson because she had awful stomach cramps. Twenty-four hours later, she is better. It wasn’t food poisoning, she says. She’s suspecting it had something to do with the fact that her dog and […]