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Boasting pink waterless toilets, clothes lines shaped like trees, and talk of a new book called “The Lazy Environmentalist,” Apartment Therapy’s new green blog is nothing short of fabulous. Check it out!

Cintra Wilson writes glowingly of Al Gore’s Live Earth concert here for Salon. Al Gore’s barn-burning second act is an effort to raise consciousness about global warming but it is also an affirmation that there are more of us than […]

Received this today in a note from a friend, and thought I’d pass it along. “It’s incredible human arrogance to think we can destroy the world, the planet. We can’t. We can make it uninhabitable for humans and other creatures, […]

Check out this depressing, but marvelously executed article on plastic, adapted from Alan Weisman’s book “The World Without Us”, which will be published by St. Martin’s Press this month. Every bit of plastic ever manufactured is still with us on […]

This is not a big surprise, but it’s exciting to contemplate: A future filled with eco hotels. Here’s an article about the greening of the hotel business. An excerpt: At the boutique hotel Greenhouse 26, set to open next year […]