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July 13 marks the beginning of the Japanese Obon Festival, a time when the dead are invited to come back to share time with us. Writes Waverly Fitzgerald at “It is also called the Festival of the Lanterns, because […]

Lama Surya Das discloses how the world often offers us relationships with closet Bodhisattvas, precious people of tremendous depth and kindness, here. We just have to know how to see them when they’re right in front of us, and appreciate […]

A full-page reproduction of a painting of the Texas Panhandle by Peter Di Gesu in the July 2007 issue of Shambhala Sun has gotten me wrapped up in this contemplative painter’s work. Every year, Di Gesu drives through western and […]

I know I quoted from a Buddhist essay yesterday, but I’ve got to do it again. I swear, the Buddhist press is printing some of the best writing out there. Here’s an excerpt from an article by Darlene Cohen called […]

There’s a gorgeous essay by Lin Jensen in the June/July Mandala, connecting the way birds molt to the process of awakening through spiritual practice. Here’s an excerpt: The molting of birds can be either sudden or gradual. The sudden or […]