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“Who is the audience for this thing?” my 91-year-old father asked, clearly perplexed. I had my laptop out, and I was kneeling beside him, scrolling through my weblog, stopping at items I’d written that he might like. He awkwardly leaned […]

The time has come to face the facts. I cannot live with my purse any longer, in its current chaotic state. Only the powers of the Asian art of Feng Shui alignment can help. If your handbag is insanely disorganized […]

Ever wonder why the miso made from store-bought miso paste isn’t as good as the miso you’re served in Japanese restaurants? Not long ago, I asked the man behind the counter of our local sushi carryout about this, and he […]

The other afternoon, I was walking in Manhattan and the large handbag I carry everywhere suddenly felt incredibly heavy. Oh God, what was in there anyway? I’d been out all day. So I opened my bag and peered in. Aooohhh… […]

So I showed up on time for my yoga class, feeling down in the mouth and fat. Class began and I moved through the sun salutations, focused on my unattractiveness. Too heavy. Too old. Oh woe, woe, woe. It’s amazing […]

We don’t really know yet which charges against Ted Haggard are true or false, but it’s impossible to watch the unfolding of the evangelical pastor’s alleged gay sex scandal without thinking of Carl Jung’s writings on “shadow”–the least acknowledged or […]

“Sincerely yours,” wasn’t working. So I started to end my emails to everybody with a “Best.” But then “Best” began to align itself with “Cheers,” which feels like a perfunctory kiss-off. So I shifted to “Fondly.” I never flirted with […]

I’ve written two semi-humorous posts on basement and closet de-cluttering in the last week. Some of you took my tone seriously, others knew I was kidding somewhat. A lot has been written on this subject. And yet, many of our […]

Well, I hope playing rock music met the negative chi of your messy closet or basement head-on ! Today, we’re going to be more assertive with these disaster areas, but we’ll fall just short of disassembling them. This is gentle […]

Everyone has a problem area of their home where unused belongings fester for years. This can be tough since often we could really use that space for our trance-dancing, healing work, sauerkraut crocks, or singing bowls. So, let’s get rid […]