Chattering Mind

A woman took a parking place of mine today as I was sitting in front of the exiting vehicle with my blinkers on. She just dove in there, as parking thieves are prone to do. But I didn’t honk. I […]

“In the long run I am only temporarily an American. I will not be labeled or trapped into any collectivity on the basis that I have some fixed essence that belongs to that collectivity.” —Robert Thurman, quoted in this month’s […]

Yesterday in the car, 12-year-old Chattering Son One said, “I don’t like ________[a boy at school]. He’s mean and cynical.” At first, I beamed at the use of the word “cynical” since I’d never heard him use it before. Then, […]

The editorial staff of is hard at work on a site redesign and expansion that will offer all kinds of fascinating new features throughout the next year. Because of the stress that they’re all under, my editor Valerie won’t […]

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” —Henry Miller

I know some of you probably just read this blog and don’t ever write back or read posts. That’s totally cool (though I always love hearing from you). But if you have been reading reader posts, you may have noticed […]

Deva Premal and Miten performed at Omega’s yoga conference, and led several chants. Miten sang “All Are Welcome Here,” the final song on this album, but Deva Premal’s best received work is on this CD (kind of a massage therapy […]

I heard yoga teacher John Friend deliver the keynote address at the Omega Institute’s “Path of Yoga” conference at a Sheraton Hotel in New York City last Friday. This conference is always a nice one, drawing well-regarded yoga practitioners like […]

“I wake every morning feeling like I’m living in a miracle – where spirituality, creativity, work, and love have all come to mean the same thing. My life has been shaped by mantras; I have become their servant.” – Deva […]

I noticed a little sign on the cooler shelf today that essentially said, “Sorry, we’re trying to keep bottles of G.T. Dave’s Kombucha tea in stock, but you guys keep buying us out. Bear with us.” On his website, G.T. […]