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redbookfaith.jpgHey, here’s a great Jezebel blog post with July Redbook cover images of singer Faith Hill before and after Photoshopping!
Lordy, lordy, let us not be taken prisoner! Let us not feel we look like squat when we daily face our bathroom mirror.
We live in a world where the airbrush strikes down as surely as a gavel in court. Note (when you click on the link given above) how even the contours of Hill’s arm and back have been changed!
Here’s Jezebel’s run down of the five biggest lies perpetuated by women’s magazines. Remember it is likely that your life is way more interesting than the average celebrity’s! Note: Both “Good Housekeeping” and “More” have always featured the lives and looks of real women (though who knows, for the cover shot, all journalistic standards might fly in the breeze).
What magazines do you read these days? Which do you feel attend to the spiritual aspects of true wellbeing and beauty?

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