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coq.jpgIf you or a loved one are on a cholesterol-lowering prescription drug, note that Dr. Andrew Weil recommends Co-enzyme Q10 as a dietary supplement. He discusses this in his newsstand magazine “Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Guide to Lowering Cholesterol” which I just purchased. He writes:

Consider taking Co-enzyme Q10 if you are on a statin because the drug can lower levels of this heart-healthy compound. In a recent small study, supplementing with CoQ10 reduced minor muscle pain from statin drugs in 85 percent of study participants.

Dr. Weil wholeheartedly recommends 60 to 90 mg. a day of the softgel form of CoQ10, which is the kind best absorbed by the body.
Chances are great your elderly relatives seeing mainstream physicians don’t know this. Co-enzyme Q10 is widely available in health food stores now.

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