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childspose.jpgI sometimes roll into Child’s Pose, letting my shins and knees sink into my mattress before I get out of bed. I did this when I was a kid. I keep the center of my forehead on the mattress for several minutes and then might turn it slowly right and left.
In yoga class, the Child’s Pose is a wonderful way to restore your energy, to say, I’ve had enough. It’s a check-in point, a bow to yourself, a little lull that allows your breath to flow into your back, your shoulders, your neck. Do nothing. There is no shame to this.
Good yoga teachers will generally give you Child’s Pose as a rest or encourage you to get into it when you’re breathing heavily and getting hot. (Unless you’re in teacher training, I guess, and you have to be tough!)
If you’ve never tried yoga, try this pose for a few minutes today. On a rug or mat is best. You can send your arms out in front, or fold them next to your body with palms up or down.
The Child’s Pose says, “Thank you. I am grateful. I am attending to myself this moment.”
Enjoy it!

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