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whollywoman.jpgOkay, I know. On the surface of it, “sacred self-centeredness” sounds insane. I hear the voices saying “What on earth is sacred about being self-centered?” How well we know those voices.
But women taxed by career, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, childcare, eldercare, and more–women who’re calling out all their energy, heaving it up until few resources remain–these women, my friends, need to know from Sacred Self-Centeredness. So many women need to get back in touch with their own divinity, those connections they had to planet when they were caring, capable, creative twelve-year-old girls.
Am I wrong? No, I’m right. I was thinking of all this as I studied the web page of interfaith minister and life coach Deborah Roth. She offers tele-courses for women on the subject of the “seasonal journey to sacred self-centeredness,” and the title of her upcoming August 1st tele-session is “Embracing Our Elemental Selves.” It’s a $40 women’s group telephone conversation that sounds rather interesting. Roth writes: “In our circles, we commit to healing and re-claiming the Divine Feminine in ourselves and in our society through personal sharing, learning and discussion, meditation…Come with an open mind and open heart, ready to weave a tapestry of community, support, and empowerment.” You get hand-outs with each meeting.
Click here if you’re interested in the concept. And be on the look-out for other people (they’re around) who insist it’s okay to take care of yourself, even put yourself first. You are the source of so much.

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