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Regardless of what your insurance company says, psychotherapy should not go away. Or end early. Everybody needs therapy at one time or another. Here’s a technique that’s catching on fast with spiritually-inclined Jungian people (like us!). It’s called Sand Tray […]

“Warm all the kitchen with Thy love, and light it with Thy peace. Forgive me all my worrying and make my grumbling cease. Thou who didst love to give men food, in room or by the sea Accept this service […]

Mentioned in a Newsweek article on new techniques in heart resuscitation, is the near-death experience research of Dr. Jeffrey Long. Here is Long’s website where you can read one or more of the 1,000 near-death stories he’s collected, share your […]

Dearest readers: After meeting with editors last Friday to talk it through, I’ve decided to stop writing Chattering Mind a week from today. While I’m nervous about this idea of mine and sad about the loss of my ability […]

Inspirational teacher and artist Jan Phillips recently posted this sweet video on It’s all about the spiritual power of art. Watch the whole thing if you’ve been struggling to find time for your creative work. Learn more about Phillips, […]

Ammachi, the beatific Indian hugging saint, has received wonderful clips from the press this most recent U.S. tour. Here’s Erik Davis’s article about his encounter with her. And he even got to speak with her! Here’s what she said: […]

Okay, I know. On the surface of it, “sacred self-centeredness” sounds insane. I hear the voices saying “What on earth is sacred about being self-centered?” How well we know those voices. But women taxed by career, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, […]

I sometimes roll into Child’s Pose, letting my shins and knees sink into my mattress before I get out of bed. I did this when I was a kid. I keep the center of my forehead on the mattress for […]

New York City’s heart stood still yesterday when a 24″-wide, 80-year-old steam pump exploded under the ground near Grand Central Station releasing huge billows of sulfery steam and fountains of rock, mud, and yes, particles of asbestos (insulation that the […]

Dried and in capsules, it might not taste half bad. Here’s an article about how a mother prone to postpartum depression overcame her history by eating bits of her fourth baby’s placenta.