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This article describes an emerging trend to expand, rethink, and green up the ritual of keeping kosher. Many observant Jews have always been proponents of eating consciously, so it’s exciting to hear about old rituals being made new.
“…for many people, the primary daily impact of rising environmental consciousness is on the food they eat. They want it to be produced locally, sustainably, organically and humanely. Increasingly, religious people view this as a religious obligation, not just a matter of good health or ethics. The trend is advancing particularly fast among Jews, who have a long tradition of investing food with religious meaning.”
Here’s a website called “The Jew and the Carrot.” It’s a project of Hazon, and its editors wish to raise the quality of discussion about contemporary food issues in the Jewish community, convey a “sense of importance and joy around food,” and challenge readers to think deeply about their own food choices.

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