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January 1, 1970 Archives

Cintra Wilson writes glowingly of Al Gore’s Live Earth concert here for Salon. Al Gore’s barn-burning second act is an effort to raise consciousness about global warming but it is also an affirmation that there are more of us than […]

Received this today in a note from a friend, and thought I’d pass it along. “It’s incredible human arrogance to think we can destroy the world, the planet. We can’t. We can make it uninhabitable for humans and other creatures, […]

Well, we were talking about pests and bugs last week. These mantra-adorned “bug catchers,” which appear to be nothing more than sweet little boxes that can serve as holding tanks for your bugs as you walk them to the door, […]

I took my children to see an excellent revival of “West Side Story” yesterday and was happy to behold that they gave the show a standing ovation (kids generally love standing ovations). I drove home singing songs from the world-famous […]