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January 1, 1970 Archives

Check out this depressing, but marvelously executed article on plastic, adapted from Alan Weisman’s book “The World Without Us”, which will be published by St. Martin’s Press this month. Every bit of plastic ever manufactured is still with us on […]

As I was walking our dog down a country road in Western Massachusetts this morning, I was thinking about how taming the wilderness is such a natural human impulse. I’ve been unsettled by the disease-carrying deer ticks our dog keeps […]

Harry Potter fans anticipating the July 21st release of the last and seventh book in the series might enjoy (not quite the right word) this piece about whether or not the great boy wizard should sacrifice himself for the wellbeing […]

I happened to spy this angel rug on a website of braided country rugs. Nice one, isn’t it? Would be best to hang, as it measures 13-by-35 inches. Costs $300. Crafty readers: can you teach us how to make our […]