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yogaintimessquare.jpgYoga is peaceful, and class is usually quiet. But some 800 people registered to take one of six yoga classes in the large traffic island within Times Square on Thursday, an all-day event organized by the Times Square Alliance in honor of the summer solstice.
From the New York Times’ write-up:
Guardrails surrounded the group of people as they listened to Douglass Stewart, a lead yoga instructor, belt out directions. Taxis honked their horns and fire trucks whizzed by, their sirens blaring. Yet the yoga practitioners remained unfazed.
Writes spirituality editor Valerie Reiss, who was there: “It was really about finding the peaceful place in the middle and making peace with the chaos, if only for a moment. It made the metaphorical concept of stillness in the storm so ridiculously literal, I found myself giggling in the middle of savasana.”

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