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Some of you may have been alarmed by what Sally Fallon said about "the dark side" of soy, once considered a miracle food, now becoming a virtual mainstay in even the non-vegetarian's diet.
Here’s another view of soy from an article James Nestor wrote this last year for the San Francisco Chronicle. He quotes Marion Nestle, author of the marvelous book “What to Eat,” and calls her a “decidedly moderate voice in the nutrition wars, either a soy lobbyist or detractor.”
“I think overall the research on soy is really uncompelling,” Nestle says. “What the data shows is that if there is harm from soy, it is very small; and if there are benefits, they are also very small. That means the data revolves around zero. And the FDA health claim was on soy …I think it was way out of line. Foods aren’t medicines!”
“People don’t have to eat soy if they don’t want to!” Nestle says. “To figure you have to eat it for any reason makes no sense to me at all — nobody needs to eat this stuff to be healthy.”

Read the whole article. To my mind, more research and clarity is needed on the value of infant soy formula.

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