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vitdnyt.jpgIt’s a good idea to have your Vitamin D levels checked in your next blood test. Many women are discovering that their levels are seriously low, and vitamin D deficiencies have recently been linked to various kinds of cancers, breast cancer especially.
Developed in the body through direct exposure to the sun, vitamin D can act more like a hormone than a vitamin. And now that we slather sunscreen all over ourselves every summer, or avoid the sun altogether, we’re losing that extra help we need to reach healthy D levels. Plus, what’s considered a healthy D requirement (crucial for assimilating calcium good for bones) has increased. We need more D than we thought we did. But very high dosages of supplements can become toxic, so you have to be careful.
Please discuss vitamin D with your doctor, and ask to know what’s going on inside you! I was quite low (methinks me stays inside and blogs too much), my sister has been low, and other friends of mine have been low also.

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