Chattering Mind

omemblem.jpg“Why do you keep looking at it?” my 10-year-old said with a chuckle as I stopped to look again at the OM magnet I’d secured to the left side of our car’s trunk. I’ve placed it about 16 inches northwest of our car’s back license plate. Never had a bumper sticker before.
“Well, I like it. It makes me happy.”
We walked on. I looked back. He laughed.
I should have described my feelings better to him: the OM symbol “symbolizes the formless aspect of God,” says this site. Click here and scroll down to hear it chanted. Click here to hear what Krishna Das does with it.
We’re in rural Western Massachusetts for three weeks now. Brooklyn is behind us. The kids will attend an art/ecology day camp while I blog away with windows open to the woods around my in-laws’ house. Mr. Chattering will work hard at Beliefnet back in the city, but retreat here most every weekend.

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