Chattering Mind

digesu.jpgA full-page reproduction of a painting of the Texas Panhandle by Peter Di Gesu in the July 2007 issue of Shambhala Sun has gotten me wrapped up in this contemplative painter’s work. Every year, Di Gesu drives through western and southwestern states to photograph the land and the sky, and make sketches of things that interest him. Inspired by space, light, color, and form, his oil paintings take on a most calming effect.
You can look at his work here, here, and here.
Gorgeous, deep. The land and the beholder’s eye open up to each other. They connect.
“There is something universal about our connection with the earth and sky,” he writes. “The vastness and the expansiveness of space that pulls us beyond our own limited perceptions; this is what I hope is communicated in these paintings.”

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