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gin_soaked_raisins_for_arthritis.jpgWhile researching home remedies for wasp stings online for my brother-in-law (a cut raw onion placed on the bite soothes inflammation), I came across the most wonderful resource–The People’s Pharmacy. If you’ve never heard of Joe and Terry Graedon, authors of the original 1976 bestseller “The People’s Pharmacy®” I’m happy to be introducing them to you.
According to the Graedons, gin-soaked golden raisins can lighten arthritis pain. Many happy readers have written in to say this works!
I admire people who blend conventional medical practice with folk wisdom and stay open to quirky solutions. Joe Graedon has a master’s degree in pharmacology from the University of Michigan and has taught at Duke University’s School of Nursing and SCSF School of Pharmacy.
Terry completed her doctoral degree from the University of Michigan and a postdoctoral fellowship in medical anthropology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She has also taught at the School of Nursing and the Department of Anthropology at Duke University.

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