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January 1, 1970 Archives

Meet Meet Mark Patterson. He opens his mouth, and sounds come out. Patterson knows his sounds soothe. Now he’s beginning to research how his sounds might heal. Patterson has no training in music or Tibetan throat singing. The sounds, he […]

The New York Times asked Julie Kleinman, director of programming for the Yoga Works chain of studios, to test a wide assortment of yoga mats. Here are the mats she liked best for their stickiness, stability, and environmental consciousness.

Watch this culture war between a tribe of water buffaloes and six lions vying for a captured calf. Thanks to the mom blog SnipsSnailandPigtails for alerting me to this. Takes eight minutes to view.

As I recently examined a pearl necklace my mother left me, holding it up to my neck in the mirror, I thought: “Gosh, it’s too bad I will never, ever, wear this.” But take note of what spiritual jewelery designers […]