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Those are the words Keith Olbermann uses for every single guest on his MSNBC show, “Countdown.” I offer them now to you. Great thanks to Amy Cunningham and mazel tov in advance for her son’s bar mitzvah, great thanks to […]

by Dr. Susan CorsoFor almost 20 years, I have manifested Type II Diabetes. The medical pundits say that, these days, it’s become a veritable epidemic, especially in our young people. What’s going on? Oh yeah, I know. Computers, less-than-healthy eating […]

by Dr. Susan CorsoCosmic Bridge People are born to build a bridge from an old consciousness to a new one. Bridge People come in all sizes, shapes, formats, genders, and ages. The insightful and talented Anna Quindlen wrote about a […]

by Dr. Susan Corso I can’t wait till I reach 150. It won’t be long. I’m already up to 148. Someone just has to write them. I’m talking about books about Mary Magdalene. Some of us have been onto her […]