Chattering Mind

By Valerie Reiss, covering for Amy.

Found this lovely little reminder on Treehugger today, it’s the Want vs. Need Glass, cleverly designed to overflow at the first drop over need. It’s a statement on water consumption.

Here’s what Trendhunter had to say:

“Luckily, you can buy something else to acknowledge your wastefulness. The want vs. need glass is a $24 piece of art available from Alesina Design. When you fill the glass up too much, it drains your excess all over the table.

I like the concept a lot, but I think there’s a lot of irony in actually buying something extra to make a point about consumerism. Maybe you can be more shallow about the meaning and just enjoy the glass as a fun prank.”

To get in on the joke or consume some more yourself (no judgment!), you can buy it here: Alesina Design

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