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Happy birthday to me April 17th. And happy birthday to Jesus, who as you must know, was not born on December 25th.

Biblical scholars and historians of religion have always suspected that Christ might have been born in the Spring, but in 1999, Rutgers University press published a book by astronomer Michael Molnar, in which he announced that, based on his analysis of ancient skies and stars, Jesus was likely to have been born on April 17th in the year 6 B.C.

One of my earliest spiritual friends and teachers, Christopher Stahnke, was born April 17th also. And longtime editor Wendy Schuman, a woman who exudes sweetness and serenity, celebrates her birth this Tuesday. And Time’s religion correspondent David Van Biema was born April 16th. Close enough. Quite a nice little spiritual group we’ve got going!

For everyone else, Tuesday’s Aries new moon invites you to contemplate what’s working well in your life, and what’s not. Karri Ann Allrich, writing for, recommends this new moon meditation for all of us:

Take the time to breathe deeply from your abdomen and imagine the core of your very self as a flame. With each breath this flame grows brighter, more intense. This is the breath “I am”, this is the flame of desire. As you relax deeper into your meditation, focus on this simple act of self nurture. The fire of your focus, the burn of your intention needs to be cherished and fueled. Are you defining your needs? Are you giving yourself the care and consideration you so freely offer to others?

I’m resolving to bring you more spectacular spiritual gleanings from the outside world, while at the same time honoring my own body’s cry that I be less a slave to my desk. We’re trying on new ideas for this blog, and counting the hours for a new software with more creative possibilities. I’m wanting to hear from you much more. A blog is best when it’s an ongoing conversation. Please post your insights and news of your spiritual development as we all seek to shine our lights brighter into a sometimes dark world. Thanks in the meantime to all who’ve been regularly responding. It helps to hear from you. I need your energy.

TOMORROW: I have tons to tell you about The Omega Institute’s best-ever conference on “Being Fearless.” I’m sorting through many pages of notes right now.

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