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January 1, 1970 Archives

Words cannot express the heartache we all feel as we watch news reports of student deaths on the campus of Virginia Tech today. Here are some prayers I’ve found that seem appropriate. Blessed are you, Source of LifeWho helps us […]

When it’s midnight and you’re in your jammies, curling up with the NYTimes mag’s story on “The Greening of Geopolitics,” you really hate to hear your husband shout “The basement is flooding!” But so he did. These are soggy times. […]

Oh God, I was already a cell phone-phobe. Now this. Some experts are wondering if cell phone signals are confusing the honey bees’ inner directives that help them find their way back to their hives–and killing them in droves.

Happy birthday to me April 17th. And happy birthday to Jesus, who as you must know, was not born on December 25th. Biblical scholars and historians of religion have always suspected that Christ might have been born in the Spring, […]