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January 1, 1970 Archives

Here’s a cute article about being the husband of a woman interested in her own spiritual development that ran in Harville Hendrix/Helen LaKelly Hunt’s Imago couples therapy newsletter. It’s called “Gynestrology 101: How to Husband An Enlightened Hottie,” and it’s […]

Writes reader Paul M. Martin: “..while I grew up with Christianity telling me to be good, in Buddhism I found many concrete practices for how to go about it.” His post led me to his excellent “Original Faith” blog, which […]

My 12-year-old-son is home today, slightly ill. Not too ill. Not so ill he can’t make dioramas of the Battle of the Alamo with plastic toy soldiers on the floor of our family room. He just rushed into my office […]

“As for the world’s future, I am not so discouraged as many are. Granted that the old, easygoing optimism is impossible!…Nevertheless at threescore years and eighteen I find this generation the most stimulating, exciting, provocative – yes, promising – era […]