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January 1, 1970 Archives

Every now and then, I get depressed about this blog. I worry that I’m trying to cover too much. I think that I’m aggravating the nerves in my hands (I have tendonitis in my forearms). I believe that I’m not […]

This Saturday evening marks an incredibly potent, wild moment on the earth. —The moon will be full and, for six hours, eclipsed by the earth, giving it a rosy glow, the accumulated glow of all the world’s sunsets, in fact, […]

Oh, we heard from Reiki master and interfaith minister Vic Fuhrman on his approach to helping people with cancer bless their chemo drugs. Here’s what he wrote: “For many years, I’ve shared a simple ritual and visualization for chemotherapy recipients […]

Here’s an especially delightful paper on the roots of the British Royal Family’s allegiance to homeopathy, the style of healthcare management that involves ingesting tiny pellets of greatly dilluted medicinal substances. Thanks to CM reader Lisa, who reminded me of […]