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January 1, 1970 Archives

Deepest-Breath-at-the-Oscars Award goes to Best Actor Forest Whitaker, who couldn’t utter his thank you speech until he’d inhaled the moment and collected himself. At the end of his speech, he made reference to “this life and the next.” Google research […]

Hey, I got a great new way to humorously sign off spiritual correspondence. This one comes from reader Glenys Livingstone down in Australia. Blissings! “With Love and Blissings” is nice too. You’ll find my original post with dozens of great […]

This is sweet. It runs three minutes. What would you ask God if you could?

Oh boy, this Trappist monastery down in South Carolina (where my parents once went on a spiritual retreat) has been busted big time for alleged cruelty to the chickens that produce the eggs the abbey sells to support itself. Birds […]